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A Few Words About Us

The Cups Corporation Sdn Bhd


The Cups Corporation Sdn Bhd had its humble beginnings in 1995. Enjoying rapid growth, it became the one of the leading manufacturers and innovators of fine instant coffee in Malaysia as well as Asia, working in partnership with beverage manufacturers and service companies all over the world. With an intense passion and deep appreciation of the fine coffee culture, THE CUPS not only manufactures its own signature in house brand but also contract-manufactures for a selected clientele. We are a company with a passion for producing the world’s finest instant coffee that offers connoisseurs and coffee lovers an authentic experience in each and every cup.

Global Reach

It has always been the vision of THE CUPS to spread its wings locally and globally to uncharted regions which have yet to acquire a taste of the best tasting ready-to-drink coffee. THE CUPS is the brand for everyone to enjoy a cup of excellent coffee.